Why the 2019 Prayer Encouragement Project?

2019 Prayer Encouragement Project TV Commercial

We’ve researched the state of prayer in 2018 America – learn how America prays and why we desperately need to improve our prayer life!

Invite Randy to present 2018 – Prayer in America to your church!

Watch our interview on WVCY-TV30!

Join us on the 2019 Prayer Encouragement Project!

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4 thoughts on “Why the 2019 Prayer Encouragement Project?”

  1. Randy, may I have your permission to remind you by text or email when I pray for you? All I ask is when I remind you that I am praying for you that you will in turn pray by name for your pastor, Christian teachers, and church leaders.

      1. Wow I didn’t know that praylessness is a sin. I have been off and praying. I need more discipline in my prayer life. Lord help me. Randy please pray for me.

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